On the shores of sparkling Lake Ivie, just between the TEXAS High Plains and the Hill Country, we’re making wine for ourselves and our fellow Texans, with a sweetening start, and a tangy twist, and “just enough love from a Princess”. 

We think that wine is like art, everyone has their own taste, and none is more right than another-only different. With our Hot Texas summers lasting 8 months, give or take, we realize that many of our fellow Texans prefer sweet or semi-sweet wine during this time. Some folks in the industry may frown on this approach, but we’re from the school where “the customer is always right.”  So, we hope to do just that, give our customers a choice of wines to drink and let them decide what’s best.   

P.S.  We make dry wines too!


Seifet Cellars Tasting Room Hours*:
Beginning June 9, the Tasting Room will be open Friday - Sunday, 1pm - 6pm and by appointment...Holla! if you want to come on a different day, early or later on regular days!

*Winery Tasting Room hours may vary for special events and gatherings. Click here to see upcoming special events at Seifert Cellars.

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